Genuine HSRP Description
HSRP Benefits
By implementation of HSRP there will be uniformity in display of registration number on the vehicles. It will bring uniformity to the vehicle number plates in terms of their shapes and sizes.
Easily visible and legible number plates will help law enforcing agencies to apprehend vehicles running with fake/forged number plates. It will also help in reduction of vehicle related crimes like thefts, forging of number plates and use of duplicate number plates.
Easy availability of vehicle registration data to the Enforcement Agencies will be helpful in traffic management.
HSRP makes it easier for the police to trace the vehicle owner in hit and run cases. It will be also helpful in curbing the use of vehicles for anti social activities as chances of apprehension are far greater with high security number plates.
It will be helpful in preparation of National Register of the Vehicles Population throughout the country based on ownership as well as in creating an Information Management System connected throughout the country on a real time basis.
HSRP implementation will help in creating a secondary cross validation process assisting documentation of key related fields of a vehicle such as Chassis Number, Engine Number and Registration Number. This will help in tracking of authenticity of the vehicle ownership so, as to expedite Criminal Investigations.
HSRP implementation will help in regulating the transfer of vehicle ownership which will eventually help to curb illegal sale in the grey market.
HSRP scheme will help Government to curbing down vehicle related crimes which will help the general public in terms of security and safety of their vehicles and themselves as well.
HSRP will facilitate for gradually phasing out of bold polluting vehicles using the available Data bank.
HSRP implementation will gradually decrease crimes relating to theft and bribery. Thus it is very important to get affixed with HSRP so that, a common man can feel more secure and safe.
HSRP implementation will help to prevent tax evasions and increase the State revenues. It will also help to prevent loss of revenue on account of failure to register and transfer of vehicle during re-sale.
HSRP Features
Refer CMVR Rule 50 for detailed information / guideline on HSRP Features
Plate shall be a solid unit made of 1.0 mm aluminium conforming to DIN 1745/DIN 1783 or ISO 7591. Border edges and corners of the plate shall be rounded to avoid injuries to the extent of approx. 10 mm and the plates must have an embossed border.
The plate shall be suitable for hot stamping and reflective sheet has to be guaranteed for imperishable nature for minimum five years. The fast colouring of legend and border is done by hot stamping.
Plate should bear the letters "IND" in blue colour on the extreme left centre of the plate. The letter should be one-fourth of the size of letters mentioned in rule 51 and should be buried into the foil or applied by hot stamping and should be integral part of the plate
Plate shall be protected against counterfeiting by applying chromium-based hologram, applied by hot stamping. Stickers and adhesive labels are not permitted.
Laser Code
The plate shall bear a permanent consecutive identification number of minimum seven digits, to be laser branded into the reflective sheeting and hot stamping film shall bear a verification inscription.
Third Sticker
Third registration mark in the form of self-destructive type, chromium based hologram sticker shall be affixed on the left-hand top side of the windshield of the vehicle. The registration details such as registration number, registering authority, etc., shall be printed on the sticker.
Snap Locks
Plate shall be fastened with non-removable/non-reusable snap lock fitting system.
Size of the Plates for different categories of Vehicles are prescribed as follows:
For Two and Three Wheelers: 200 x 100 mm and 285 x 45 mm
For Light Motor Vehicles Passenger cars: 340 x 200 mm and 500 x 120 mm
For Medium Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles & Trailer combination: 340 x 200mm
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