1. Is it mandatory to get a High Security Registration Plate fitted to my vehicle?

Yes it is mandatory for all the vehicles to be fitted with H.S.R.P as per CMVR 1989 Rule 50.

2. What is Transport vehicle ?

Transport means vehicles that are used for commercial purpose having a Yellow plate

3. What is Non-Transport ?

Non-Transport vehicles that are used for Private purpose.

4. What is the procedure for getting an HSRP fitted on my vehicle?

For all the vehicles Manufactured before 01.04.2019, vehicle owner can visit and place the order by paying fee online.
Step 1: visit
Step 2: Select Your vehicle Type (2w/3w/4w/Commercial)
Setp 3: Select your vehicle make
Step 4: Select State
Step 5: Select Nearest location where you want to affix your HSRP
Setp 6: Fill Vehicle information –Important vehicle Type (commercial or Non-Commercial) & Vehicle owner information.
Step 7: Confirm the OTP received on your mobile number
Step 8: Select Date & Time slot
Setp 9: Make online payment
Setp 10: Enter your GST number if you are GST registered
Step 10: Your order will be confirmed through SMS and E-mail.

5. What is the Price of HSRP & Affixation

It depends on your vehicle make and class.

6. Can I opt for appointment time and location for fitment of HSRP on vehicle?

Yes, check the step 8 in order placing process

7. Is vehicle owner to be present at the time of fitment or not?

Not required.

8. Any documents need to carry to visit dealer for affix my HSRP?

Only a copy of online application duly signed by the vehicle owner is required to be submitted at affixation location at the time of affixation

9. Can we get GST Bill as we are Registered GST vehicle owner?

Yes, you can get the GST bill for this. You need to update your GST details at the time of booking order.

10. Can I take the HSRP and get them fitted at my residence or a local vendor?

HSRP can only be affixed by authorized centers of the OEMs.

11. I have missed my appointment schedule. Can I reschedule my appointment again?

You can reschedule for one time.

12. I can’t find my vehicle brand (OEM) for ordering HSRP

We are authorized to process HSRP for the following vehicles make (OEM) only

13. Can I cancel/edit my order?

It is advisable to confirm twice the details before confirming the order. It can be cancelled or edited if the order has not been allocated for production.

14. Can I edit the order even when the order has been allocated for production but has not been affixed on my vehicle?

Yes, the order can be edited. In such cases you need to pay only the cost of HSRP and need not pay affixation charges.

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